steering group

The PaCC is run by a steering group of about 15 parent carers that meets every two months

These are representative of the partner organisations and aim to be proportionately representative of the diverse range of disabilities and ages, special schools and mainstream educated children. The steering group members have the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Contribute to the planning, work and activities of the PaCC by communicating by email, telephone, or other and whenever possible attending steering group meetings.
  • Seek to understand, represent and communicate the views and experiences of the wider group of families rather than just their personal experience.
  • Engage with parent carers who cannot attend meetings and be a link between other parent carers and the PaCC and others (for example special schools).
  • Undertake delegated tasks on behalf of the PaCC and to diligently feedback to the steering group

You can read the Steering Group minutes from previous years by clicking on the year below.

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