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Since the PaCC started in 2008 they have influenced some significant changes in the way education, health and social care services are managed in the city

Here is a timeline of the more noticeable achievements of the PaCC over that time.

Summer 2008

Initial meeting with 20 parents who agreed the priority was to investigate the provision of therapies to their children.

October 2008

Parents training ‘How to be an effective parent rep’

December 2008

The PaCC held its first open event inviting parents to express their concerns about therapy provision in the city

January 2009

PaCC Steering Group meetings commenced bi-monthly

Spring 2009

  • Parental feedback led to the first PaCC report ‘More Therapies in the Community’ which was presented to Children and Young People Overview and Scrutiny Committee (CYPOSC)
  • Parent reps begin to sit on the Disabled Children’s Strategic Partnership Board (DCSPB) and the Learning Disability Partnership Board (LDPB)

June 2009

PaCC held an event to celebrate first birthday

Summer 2009

  • Commissioning review involving parents looked at the therapy provision and was externally audited by a consultant who made various recommendations to the LA
  • PaCC produced a DVD of the experiences of being a parent carer
  • Parents from the PaCC were involved in interviewing for new Social Workers

Autumn 2009

Commissioning review led to £50K being given to Physiotherapy and OT to address waiting list times

December 2009

  • PaCC produced a calendar to highlight the work of the PaCC and raise awareness of life as a parent carer
  • First year of the PaCC awards celebrating professionals who went above the call of duty

February 2010

  • Partnership Charter planning team met for the first time
  • Parents completed further parent rep training
  • The first PaCC bulletin is launched to keep the wider membership up to date with what is going on

June 2010

PaCC held an event inviting parents to express their views of SEN in the city’s schools

Summer 2010

PaCC Education Report produced

Winter 2010

  • 2nd PaCC awards
  • Calendar produced depicting our children pursuing leisure interests

January 2011

Education follow up event was held to give parents feedback on the outcome of the report and recommendations made

March 2011

6 parents trained to be Parent Ambassadors to assess services for the Partnership Charter

April 2011

Partnership Charter pilot begins

May 2011

Parents were consulted on the SEN Green Paper

July 2011

Parents were involved in helping to interview for adult residential services tendering

September 2011

Plans start to roll out the Partnership Charter across Children’s services

October 2011

  • Further 4 parents trained to be Parent Ambassadors to assess services as part of the Partnership Charter
  • Parent Participation Worker and PaCC start work with the LA as part of the SE7 pathfinder pilot
  • 2 parent reps sit on the new SEN Partnership board

November 2011

The Partnership Charter is officially launched by Sue Shanks cabinet member for Children Schools and families.

December 2011

3rd calendar launch depicting the diversity of families and 3rd Annual PaCC awards announced.

March 2012

  • The PaCC held their third big open event gathering parent’s views on the health care services available in the city
  • 10 services assessments were completed as part of the partnership Charter

April 2012

Parents were involved in the recruitment of the new head of SEN

July 2012

  • Parents were involved in the interviews for the new head of Social services and the new head of the residential services
  • ‘Talk Health’ report is released

September 2012

The ‘Talk Health’ report was presented to Health and Wellbeing overview and Scrutiny Committee (HWOSC) and the DCSPB

October 2012

  • The new style monthly bulletin from the PaCC to the wider PaCC membership keeping them in touch with the latest PaCC news is launched and renamed as PaCC Chat
  • The PaCC holds its first regular open meeting for parents on home to school transport. Guests from the council were invited along to hear the concerns raised by parents. These meeting held regularly give parents from the wider membership an opportunity to be more involved and are called PaCConnect

December 2012

The 4th PaCC calendar was released depicting the value families place on the services they receive

March 2013

  • Jenny Brickell, Manager of the Integrated Disabled Children’s Disability Services, was awarded a special award for her tireless involvement of parents in service development, as part of the annual PaCC awards
  • The PaCC held a follow up event to the Talk Health report to let parents know of the significant changes that had occurred as a result of the report.
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