our stories

Members of the PaCC have children of all ages and with all kinds of disabilities. Hear you can read some of our personal experiences of the parent carer journey.


Parent story – Ruby

Ruby tells us how she came to terms with realising that her eldest son Arlo had cerebral palsy and w...


Parent story – Nicky

Nicky shares the joys and challenges of caring for Isaac, who has a rare chromosome disorder and tal...


Parent story – Sam

Sam tells us about her 16 year old son who is autistic and how bringing him up helped her set up a g...


Parent story – Tim

Tim has twin boys, Tom and Adam, one of whom has cerebral palsy. Tim explains what it's like to care...


Parent story – Debbie

Debbie tells us what it was like to discover that her 'perfectly normal looking' child had severe le...


Parent story – Amanda

Amanda's daughter Livvy has complex health needs, epilepsy and ASC. Here she talks about her experie...

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