You Said, We Did: rollout of vaccines for Clinically Extremely Vulnerable 12-15 year olds

In response to the rollout of Covid vaccinations to a defined group of Clinically Extremely Vulnerable (CEV) 12-15 year olds, Amaze Services Director, Ros Cook, and PaCC Rep Pippa Hodge, were invited to be part of a Brighton & Hove Vaccination Task & Finish Group to oversee the planning/delivery of the vaccinations.   

Weekly meetings have taken place since 18 August, where we worked with Senior Health Officers across the CCG and local NHS. We designed a quick ‘at a glance’ sheet to help staff at the vaccine centre to interact appropriately and support our children, as well as sharing it with families so they could tweak it and give to the marshall on arrival. We helped colleagues by sharing important perspectives about how to support the breadth of need of our young people, and highlighted aspects of the process that we felt needed to be sharpened up, such as:   

  • Ensuring that all eligible children were flagged up in the system and nobody was missed out (Seaside View Paediatricians generated their own lists to support this). 
  • Checking that GP Surgeries who were tasked with generating their patient lists and forwarding them to the Racecourse, have a system in place to update the list as children turn 12. 
  • Asking GPs to be ready to discuss ‘borderline’ children with their parents and carers. 
  • Ensuring an alternative option other than the racecourse was available, for the few CEV youngsters who are unable to go and have their jab at the racecourse, due to their specific medical vulnerability or extreme anxiety/needle phobia.
  • Forward planning with the Vaccination Group so that dates are protected for the follow up jab for this cohort in 8 weeks + time.  

 All information regarding vaccines for this CEV group can be found within the Amaze FAQs which is updated regularly. We welcome all feedback which you can send to Ros: [email protected] or to Pippa: [email protected]  



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