New Group for Parent Carers who have a Disability or Diversity

New Group for Parent Carers who have a Disability or Diversity

Through our participation work, parents have expressed that they would be interested in being able to get together with other parents who themselves have a disability or diversity, within their own learning or daily life.  

Sometimes our own personal lived experiences are helpful and are a strength, but at times they can add an extra challenge, especially when working with professionals and others who are involved with a child’s life.  

If this is something that is relevant to you, PaCC is looking to host a safe space in April this year, so parent carers can come together to talk and offer support to each other, to celebrate the strengths that come from disability and neurodiversity and to discuss the additional difficulties that parent carers may experience through navigating the SEND system with their child or young person.  

This will be a private and confidential space and you can share as much or as little as you are comfortable with. It will be for parent carers who have a diagnosis, or who self-identify as having a disability, condition, or are neurodiverse, or those who are going through a process of self-discovery. 

PaCC would be keen to hear from you about your views around the creation of this safe space and any ideas you may have around the shaping of it. Please email: [email protected]  



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