The PaCC Awards 2021

a celebration of people and organisations who have helped SEND families in 2021

2021 – another year full of unpredictability and uncertainty, but also another year where people came together to look after each other and offer that little bit more support that can be life-changing.

With the PaCC Awards 2021 we wanted to celebrate and recognise those people and those organisations who went that extra mile to be there for you. Thank you to all of you who sent a PaCC champion nomination, which were shortlisted by a panel of three PaCC Reps, a difficult role as all the nominations we received deserved an award!

The winners were announced On Wednesday 9 March during an in-person event – the first one in nearly three years! Diana Boyd, PaCC Chair, introduced the event and Deb Austin, Executive Director Families, Children & Learning at Brighton & Hove City Council, presented the awards – see below for full list of winners.  We sent a PaCC Awards 2021 certificate to those individuals or organisation who were nominated but didn’t receive an actual award.

A lovely event, at times quite emotional, which brought together so many amazing people! Here you can find out more about our PaCC Awards and read about previous years’ winners:



Read the list of the 2021 PaCC Awards winners and why they were nominated:

Nominee:A parent who nominated them said:


1) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Education Sector 2021  

Presented to   

Lynne Halls, Pastoral Team at Homewood College, Brighton  



Lynne is the most kind, caring and generous person you will ever meet. I attend Homewood, in year 11, last year I was beyond struggling with my mental health, and with the great support from Lynne, and others I am now back in school! Lynne even used her own evening to support me at a college open evening, as I was very nervous. Lynne made this experience a lot easier and reassured me the whole way through.   
2) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Education Sector 2021  

Presented to  

Julia Cunningham Teacher at Cardinal Newman 6th Form College, Hove   



Julia goes above and beyond in getting all her pupils through 6 form successfully. My son passed his triple Btec Sport course during a very difficult and challenging time. This is due, in large measure to Julia who wouldn’t let him give up, helped him resubmit his work, found alternatives when it looked as though nothing would be available. She is firm and fair. She clearly loves young people, but crucially she puts in extra effort where pupils are not academic. To my mind this makes a truly exceptional teacher- one who finds the key to unlock the potential deep inside all kids, no matter what. 


3) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Social Care Sector 2021  

Presented to   

Beth Mitchell Personal Assistant (PA) to SEND children, Brighton 



Beth, PA to our daughter for almost 9 years, has been there for us when my daughter took really ill and ended up in hospital; we all would have been lost without her.  She stayed in the hospital with my daughter for the week. Beth is amazing and I can see how much my daughter loves her and how much she helps Kerry physically and emotionally.  


Beth’s job is her passion and she puts her all into every child she works with individual needs. Beth has being a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen to a rant. Nothing is too much for her. I can honestly say she has been a rock for me as a single mum through some very dark times and my son thinks of her as family.   


4) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Social Care Sector 2021  

Presented to  

Jane Dudeney Foster Carer at Wellington House Brighton 



Jane has worked so hard to help reunite the child in her care with their mother. During the time that they were in foster care Jane also worked hard to ensure that their needs were met. This included adapting her garden, living room, and general lifestyle so that her home was an enabling environment for the child. Even when the child demonstrated challenging behaviours, Jane only responded with kindness and compassion and understanding. In the final hearing, the court had high praises for Jane as a foster carer and reflected that without her input or support the child may not have been as readily able to live at home.   


5) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Health Care Sector 2021  

Presented to   

Dr Mary Bond Psychologist at CAMHS Learning Disability Team, Brighton  



Mary is a huge support to my family and has been for a long time. She is always at the end of an email or phone, she is extremely easy to talk to and I never feel awkward asking her anything.  She has made such an amazing difference to my daughter’s life, she has taken a lot of time to build up a great relationship with her and my daughter feels so comfortable around her that she really looks forward to her sessions with Mary. Mary is a very caring person who puts us all at ease and supports us all extremely well even when we are at our lowest point and feeling totally overwhelmed she manages to pull us through it. 
6) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Voluntary Sector 2021  

Presented to  

Briony Streets Youth Worker at Hangleton and Knoll Project, Hove 



Briony has helped so many young people with additional needs and really helped me with my mental health. She always knows how to solve a problem and she has also helped me get the right support I need for me. 
7) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Voluntary Sector 2021  

Presented to  

Annie, Sharon and Phil SEND Family, Brighton 



The family set up a special Grotto in their garden for SEND Families. They gathered donations of toys, gifts and decorations and made a fab grotto and families booked private slots so their child and siblings could safely see Father Christmas without feeling anxious or worrying about Covid.  Over 100 families got to enjoy a magical meeting. Annie was a super Elf for all the visits and helped to put the youngsters at their ease. Annie has also been working hard all year making crafts such as necklaces, key rings and bracelets, Easter gifts etc to raise funds for their chosen charities.  They went above and beyond for all the children adapting for each need of each individual child. 


8) Posthumous Special PaCC Award for Excellence 2021  

In Honour of   

Jane Pursey VPA Chaperone at Brighton & Hove City Council   

Jane died on 20th October, at the age of 87. She worked at the council as a VPA / chaperone for over 35 years. Our son enjoyed Jane’s company few days a week. Over the last 6 years, Jane was totally dedicated to her job, and was always up for a laugh. One of my fondest memories was seeing her all in red, including a feather boa for Red Nose Day. I am sorry not to have nominated Jane while she was alive, but know her family would appreciate this recognition.   




9) PaCC Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to SEND families in Brighton & Hove 2021  

Presented to  

Fiona England formerly PaCC Chair, Brighton 




Fiona has done lots of work to make sure families were able to go out during the pandemic by talking to the Local Authority, which resulted, on families getting a letter to take to shops and/or outdoor spaces highlighting the children’s special needs and disabilities and the need for the kids to be able to be outdoor. Fiona, as PaCC Chair, has always make sure that the Council budgets didn’t penalised SEND families, as for example when Fiona challenged cuts to respite/direct payments. Fiona has been a fantastic chair and has done an enormous amount of work on representing SEND families in Brighton & Hove.   

The winners!



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