The PaCC Awards 2022

a celebration of people and organisations who have helped SEND families in 2022

With the PaCC Awards 2022 we wanted to celebrate and recognise those people and those organisations who went that extra mile to be there for you. Thank you to all of you who sent a PaCC Champion nomination, which were shortlisted by a panel of three PaCC Reps and a PaCC member, a difficult role as all the nominations we received deserved an award!

The awards were presented to the winners on Friday 16th June at the PaCC Awards 2022 event which took place at the Auditorium, Brighthelm Centre, Brighton. Becky Robinson, PaCC Chair, introduced the event and Georgina Clarke-Green,  Assistant Director, Health, SEN & Disability Families, Children and Learning at Brighton & Hove City Council, presented the awards – see below for full list of winners.  A PaCC Awards 2022 certificate was sent to those individuals or organisation who were nominated but didn’t win.

Thank you to everyone who got nominated for their fantastic work and thank you to everyone who attended the event.

Read the list of the 2022 PaCC Awards winners and why they were nominated:


Nominee:A parent who nominated them said:


1) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Education Sector 2022

Presented to

Sam Kaiser, SENCO a Downs Junior School, Brighton



Sam has a really lovely approach and is the epitome of what a true SENCO partner and collaborator should be, along this journey of caring for a child or young person with additional needs. She supports, provides safe space, is constantly seeking to improve the provision in school, looking for new and creative ways to expand the help available for our young people and families. Sam has at all times walked beside us on this journey and never once questioned or doubted that needs had to be met. She’s never made us feel like we had to convince her of an issue that needed input and has always campaigned to ensure knowledge and communication is shared with the right professionals.
2) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Education Sector 2022

Presented to

Amanda James, Maths teacher KS4 at PRU, Brighton



Amanda has supported my child and gone over and above, building their confidence by showing understanding, taking the time to understand them. Encouraging them in a nurturing way.
3) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Education Sector 2022

Presented to

Sandy Farrow, TA/Inclusion Team at St Martins Nursery and Primary School, Brighton



Mrs Farrow has made a huge difference to my daughter and with support to our family. Knowing our daughter has that kind of support at her school makes the world of difference to our family and my daughter’s wellbeing. Recognising the emotional needs of young siblings isn’t recognised as much as it should be but her school and Mrs Farrow have gone the extra mile with support” “Sandy works hard, and she is kind caring and compassionate. She promotes positive behaviour, social development and high self-esteem. She has always been warming and taken care of them when they have needed any extra support.


4) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Education Sector 2022

Presented to

Nicola Raven, Head of Mathematics at Varndean School, Brighton



Nicola has set up a gardening group to support my son’s inclusion and relationships entering year 7 following some challenging events and interrelationship upsets with fellow peers. This went from my son feeling isolated from his group of friends, to being included in birthday celebrations by those who were isolating him. Nicola always goes the extra mile for my son, engaging him, listening, giving up her time to understand his issues, looking to talk with fellow teachers where my son is struggling, and generally making her role his 1:1 support worker even though this is far beyond the boundaries of her position, and considering she has the role of Head of Mathematics at the school.


5) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Health Care Sector 2022

Presented to

Lalli Howell, Autism Advisor Child Development Team at Seaside View, Brighton  



Lalli did the autism assessment for my daughter. Lalli took such care and did such a comprehensive assessment. Her deep understanding of autism allowed her to use the assessment as an opportunity to share knowledge with me and my daughter’s grandfather as well as simply gathering information. She was exceptionally kind, and the process helped to ease the potential difficulty of diagnosis.
6) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Social Care Sector 2022

Presented to

Dominic Feeley, Wheelchair Services Engineer, Sussex Rehabilitation Centre, Brighton 



Dominic is amazing and has been working with my daughter since she was 4 years old. He recently went above and beyond to get her electric chair fixed and back on the road again. He gets my daughter and her needs, and nothing is too much trouble for him.
7) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Social Care Sector 2022

Presented to

Sean Redgrave, PA/Carer, Hove



Sean has cared for my son for several years. He always goes out of his way to help myself and my son and they have the best time when they are out together, due to my mobility needs Sean is such a help with physical tasks regarding my son. He’s flexible, laid-back, professional and fun. We would be lost without him!” “Sean is so much fun and my daughter loves spending time with him watching movies, playing computer games. He is like a big brother to her.


8) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Social Care Sector 2022

Presented to

Luke Grant, Social Worker Specialist Community Disability Services, Wellington House, Brighton



Luke has supported a sibling within his Social Care remit. The sibling is not in education and as a teen in adolescence has multiple SEND diagnosis/additional needs too alongside his brother with a more specialist disability diagnosis. Luke has been there to listen and support the whole family with authentic and dedicated approach. He shares the same racial identity and brings a shared understanding and perspective as well as professional excellence. Luke has made a huge difference to best outcomes for my family and most importantly made life a little easier in testing times.




9) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Voluntary Sector 2022

Presented to

Darren Walker, Co-ordinator of Dads’ Group, Hove 




Darren has been organising the Dad’s Group for several years. The group provides a unique meeting place and online space for dads of SEND children. The range of dads and their children’s disabilities are wide, but the group provides us with a place where we know others will understand what we’re going through. We all know blokes are often not good at sharing feelings, so this unique group has been essential. I personally have benefited from being able to unload at the group, and have made new friends through it, something that middle aged men I think also have trouble with. Darren has a strong empathy for and interest in mental health issues.
10) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Parent Carers Customer Service Sector 2022

Presented to

Gemma and Katy, Home To School Transport Team, Brighton 




Gemma and Katy have gone above and beyond to make my daughter’s route and journey accessible, meet her needs, and she even did a dance when she saw her transport vehicle and met her team last Autumn. I’ve never seen her so happy and ready to begin her college/school year before. Whatever the issues – and there are many – Gemma and Katy resourcefully listen, know what to do, and react with great integrity and enduring calmness that leaves me feeling empowered and my daughter’s needs understood and met at all times.
11) PaCC Award for Excellence in the Parent Carers Community Engagement Sector 2022

Presented to

Paolo Boldrini, Parent Carer Participation Worker, PaCC, Brighton 




Whenever I’ve needed help either for myself or my son, Paolo will do his best to help. He’ll call, message or speak face to face and will promptly look for solutions or relevant information and support I need. He’s made me feel so welcome to be part of the Sunflower Group. Paolo is a lifesaver, always cheerful and smiley. Always attentive to our needs, always being proactive and organising information events for us.
12) PaCC Special Award for Outstanding Achievement to SEND families in Brighton & Hove 2022

Presented to

Diana Boyd, formerly PaCC Chair, Brighton 




Diana Boyd has been chosen to receive this award by the PaCC steering group in recognition of her years of commitment to PaCC and most importantly to parent carers. When describing Diana and the huge contribution and difference she has made for so many, there are so many words to use – dedicated, expert, strategic, skilled, calm, patient, supportive, diplomatic, professional, challenger… For those of us on the PaCC Steering Group, the list of words is longer still – mentor, role model, leader, rock, supporter, friend. We would like to thank Diana for the positive difference she has made for so many families in the city and for being such an important part of PaCC.


The PaCC Awards 2022 winners!

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