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PaCC Awards Nominations are Open!

As in previous years, PaCC is organising our annual awards – a way to recognise some of the great work that individuals and organisations do for SEND families in Brighton and Hove.

We need to hear from you! Who was that special person who did that little bit extra for your family during 2022?

The PaCC Awards recognise the extra help from those people and organisations – what we like to call ‘champions’ – and the positive impact they’ve had on your child, or you and or on your whole family. 

Last year, a PaCC Award was presented to Lynne Halls, Pastoral Team at Homewood College in Brighton, because, as the parent who nominated said:

“Julia goes above and beyond in getting all her pupils through 6 form successfully. My son passed his triple Btec Sport course during a very difficult and challenging time. This is due, in large measure to Julia who wouldn’t let him give up, helped him resubmit his work, found alternatives when it looked as though nothing would be available. She is firm and fair. She clearly loves young people, but crucially she puts in extra effort where pupils are not academic. To my mind this makes a truly exceptional teacher- one who finds the key to unlock the potential deep inside all kids, no matter what”

Do help us celebrate any Brighton & Hove champions by using the form on our PaCC Awards page, where you can find out about previous years’ winners , the diverse range of work they do and also information on how we organise the PaCC Awards. 

The annual event will take place sometime at the end of March 2023, more information to follow. 

Deadline for nominations is 15 March 2023.

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