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The Parent and Carers Council is a forum for parent carers of children with additional needs who work to help improve services and support in Brighton and Hove. Our core team includes Parent Representatives who sit alongside professionals from the local authority on strategic boards. They help to ensure that the parent voice is heard when decisions are made that directly affect their children. Becoming a member of PaCC means as a Parent Carer, you can directly feedback your experiences to us, come along to our meetings, receive regular updates from us on any relevant changes and be part of our Facebook page.

PaCamazeC is a project hosted by Amaze. Amaze is a Brighton-based charity that provides information, advice and support to parents and carers of children and young people with additional needs in Brighton and Hove. Amaze works to empower parents to help their children live fully socially included lives. Go to the Amaze website.

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