So far, PaCC has been responsible for influential city-wide consultations with parent carers on therapy provision, the future of special educational needs in Brighton and Hove, the health care provided by hospital and community services in the city, mental health and wellbeing and home to school transport.

dailylife.equipmentTheir findings have led to more money being targeted into direct therapy provision and to parental involvement in the new SEN partnership board which is working on the city’s SEN plan for the next three years.

Significant changes have been made at the Children’s Hospital regarding car parking and the introduction of the new Healthcare Passport for children with additional needs.

Read PaCC’s reports, consultations and notes from follow up meetings below. Some reports contain annexes, to receive them email

Consultations with parent carers in Brighton & Hove

July 2016 - Amaze and PaCC's response to Ofsted and CQC's report, following a joint inspection of local implementation of SEND reforms
March 2016 - Talk to us ... We didn't have a voice
February 2016 - PaCC contribution to Brighton and Hove Fairness Commission
Brighton & Hove Fairness Commission - the Report
February 2015 - PaCC response to home school transport policy

Working with the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC)

PaCC and Amaze are one of Brighton & Hove charities directly contracted by the local CCG and by BHCC to engage parent carers of children with additional needs and disabilities in talking about issues, to gather their views and experiences of local health and social care services, and to hear suggestions on what might need to be improved.

One the ways PaCC engages parent carers is through consultations which are organised around specific issues. You can read PaCC’s reports and notes from follow up meetings below, for information on the background to any of the  reports please email or call 01273  234862.

January 2018 - Brighton and Hove City Council Learning Disability Accommodation Strategy 2018-2022 Consultation with parent carers
December 2017 - Carers' Assessments and their Needs
August 2017 - Pharmacies and management of medicines
April 2017 - Parent Carers, Food Poverty and Active Living
January 2017 - Parent Carers, complaints, concerns and feedback 'Any method that works'
September 2016 - Transition 'Never realised there were so many services I've never heard off!'
May 2016 - How Brighton & Hove Community and Voluntary Sector supports parent carers’ mental health and wellbeing
March 2016 - Parents put themselves last too often - Parent carers, cancer awareness and screening
December 2015 - Someone to check that you and your child are doing OK. Discharge and support from Royal Alex Children Hospital
July 2015 - Transforming Primary Care for parent carers
April 2015 - Parent Carers and Health Checks
January 2015 - Parent Carers and GP surgeries in Brighton & Hove
September 2014 - Record Sharing
June 2014 - Integrated Care

April 2014 - Mental Health and Wellbeing

September 2014 - Urgent Care Services

March 2012- Talk Health

March 2013- Talk Health Follow Up

More Therapies in the Community

In 2008 parent carers told us that there needed to be more therapy provision in the community.  Read about parents experiences of therapy services, what worked, what did not work so well and their recommendations for change in the PaCC More Therapies in the Community Report (PDF 149kb)

Education report

The new Children and Families Bill is looking to radically change the way that children with SEN are educated in schools.  Back in 2010 the PaCC asked local parents for their views on management of SEN in schools.  Many of the changes they suggested are happening with the new proposals.

July 2010- Education Report
January 2011- Education Follow Up
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