what is PaCC?

The Parent Carers' Council is a parent-led forum which represents parent carers of children or young people with any condition - learning disabilities, physical disabilities, complex health or mental health needs read more

our mission

Read all about the ethos, goals and passions that underpin the work of the Parent Carers' Council read more

our achievements

Since the PaCC started in 2008 they have influenced some significant changes in the way education, health and social care services are managed in the city read more

who’s who in PaCC

[af-portfolio] For an explanation of what each of the boards does email read more

our stories

Members of the PaCC have children of all ages and with all kinds of disabilities. Hear you can read some of our personal experiences of the parent carer journey read more

partner organisations

PaCC works with seven partner organisations who provide services or support to parents of children with special needs or disabilities in Brighton and Hove read more

contact us

The Parent Carer's Council is a project supported by Amaze. We have our own office and staff within Amaze's larger office space read more

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