Coffee mornings for parent carers

A way to keep in touch during the pandemic

Covid 19 has changed our everyday life, the way we used to do things, including meeting other people. For many parents lockdown has meant that the small amount of time they usually had for themselves was mostly wiped out. Many families have felt more isolated and worried. However, interestingly, many families reporting that they are coping relatively OK. These different experiences are talked about during our Hangleton & Knoll, Moulsecoomb and Bevendean and Whitehawk monthly coffee mornings, which since May have moved online.

Many parents are reporting that children are actually more relaxed and less anxious as they are not have to go to school; they are enjoying staying at home, spending more time with their siblings and, yes, more time on internet!

Schools closure meant that many parents had to become teachers and support their children’s learning, Support from schools varied quite a lot. Some parents were happy with the support provided by their child’s school, including materials and activities. Others felt completely let down because the small amount of support they received from schools.

With children slowly returning to school, many parents told us they are starting to enjoy a bit more ‘me time’, however pandemic and fears around lockdown in the future means that many parents are experiencing a high level of anxiety and stress and high levels of concern as to how they will cope in the long summer holidays.

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