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Documents and information on this page are of general interest. PaCC is part of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF); some documents and information have been provided by one of the many parent carers forums active in England. If you need specific information and support around your child and your family’s needs please contact SENDIASS, Amaze’s advice line at [email protected] or call 01273 772289 (open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm).

Admission Avoidance

How to avoid mental health admissions for young people with autism or a learning disability.

Updated government guidance on school uniforms

This non-statutory guidance helps support schools in developing and implementing their school uniform policy.

New research and free guide: how to adapt mental health talking therapies for autistic children and adults

The National Autistic Society and Mind are proud to launch a free good practice guide.


Latest developments on the SEND Review, October 2021.

Ambitious About Autism Newsletter October 2021

In this newsletter, learn more about their brand-new strategy, take a look at resources co-created with the Youth Network and find out how they celebrated Black History Month. There are also exciting new opportunities for autistic young people.

Health and Care Bill Update: Children and Young People’s Health Policy Influencing Group

Health and Care Bill Update October 2021

Latest health advice this winter from Contact

Click to read Contact’s latest newsletter with links and advice.

Government Note on Delivery of Specialist Interventions

From the National Network of Parent Carers Forums (NNPCF), the government note on delivery of specialist interventions.

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