PaCConnects on the Brighton & Hove Home to School Transport service

PaCConnects on the Brighton & Hove Home to School Transport service

A few weeks ago PaCC held two PaCConnect events to look at Home to School Transport for children with special needs attending schools and colleges in the city.  A PaCConnect is a meeting to discuss issues of interest and/or concern to parent-carers.  Such meetings provide an opportunity to connect with Sussex-based professionals involved in running services that affect our children and for officials to better understand our needs.

The two PaCConnects on Home to School Transport (HTST) looked at some imminent changes to how transport services are run in the city.  The HTST team have been working hard, with input from PaCC, to minimise the impact on families when the changes take place this coming September.  We held one PaCConnect as an in-person morning event and the other was online in the evening, to enable more parent-carers to join in the conversation.  Both were well attended events, reflecting just how important an issue school transport is to families.  The HTST team gave short presentations on different aspects of the service including how the planned changes would be brought in.  The team also shared information on how our children’s safety is looked after whilst on home to school transport, for example in taxis.  Please follow this link to see the HTST Briefing document and here to view the PowerPoint slides so you can find out more.

The two PaCConnect meetings included lots of time for families to ask questions, seek clarification on the changes and raise any concerns.  Parents also took the opportunity to provide feedback, both positive and negativeInput from parents at both events was then recorded and fed into a Question & Answer document for those not able to attend, which you can read here.

And …

a Consultation is about to go live about New Transport Arrangements for 16-18 year old students in the city. The HTST team will shortly be sending an email to the families of children / young people who use Home to School Transport – please look out for the email as it will be inviting you to contribute your views.

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