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Documents and information on this page are of general interest. PaCC is part of the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF); some documents and information have been provided by one of the many parent carers forums active in England. If you need specific information and support around your child and your family’s needs please contact SENDIASS, Amaze’s advice line at sendiass@amazesussex.org.uk or call 01273 772289 (open Monday to Friday 9.30am to 2.30pm).

PaCC Round Up February 2024

Welcome to PaCC’s February round-up! It’s always such a difficult time of year, with January seeming to go on forever, but this year it feels even more so for parent carers and their families. PaCC continues to raise the many issues and difficulties families face with officers working in Brighton & Hove City Council and[...] Read More

Social Care Update

Social Care Update PaCC has been very busy attending social care meetings with members of staff from the council. Our focus at these meetings has been to highlight the significant concerns around availability of social care support for families, including the devastating loss of Barnardo’s and Extratime. PaCC has challenged Brighton & Hove City Council[...] Read More

PaCC Awards and Balancing Act

PaCC Awards and Amaze Balancing Act Event You are invited to a special event on Thursday 7th March, from 9.45am to 2pm at the Brighthelm Centre, North Road BN1 1YD combining two important opportunities to celebrate and reflect on how families with children and young people with SEND are supported. Annual PaCC Awards We know that[...] Read More

SEND and Alternative Provision (AP) Change Programme

SEND and Alternative Provision (AP) Change Programme You may have heard discussions about the SEND and Alternative Provision (AP) Change Programme. Read the article written by Amaze, which provides information about the Change Programme and what its aim is. Brighton & Hove are part of the South-East partnership alongside Portsmouth (who are the lead local[...] Read More

PaCC Round Up October 2023

pacc round up October 2023 Welcome to PaCC’s October round up. We know this time of year is incredibly difficult for parent carers, with children returning to education (or having no education to return to) and the burnout some parent carers may be feeling from the lack of respite they received over the summer holidays.[...] Read More

Early Years in Brighton & Hove

Early Years in Brighton & Hove PaCC wanted to consult with parent carers of children aged 0-5 to find out about their early years experience and identify what their families need, and what is working well. PaCC was also interested in establishing whether there is a current need for a new Early Years parent carer[...] Read More

PaCC Calendar 2024: Call for Entries!

Would you like your child to star in the Parent and Carers’ Council (PaCC) 2024 Calendar?  The PaCC calendar is a great way to celebrate our children, bring their lives to life and bring the SEND community together. The PaCC Calendar 2024 theme is: “What helps me” – so we would love a photo and[...] Read More

PaCC Profile: Simeon

Introducing PaCC Steering Group member, Simeon Name: I’m Sim (Simeon), a Brighton & Hove native. Role within PaCC: I’ve recently become a part of the PaCC Steering Group as the representative for fathers. Parent Carer Experience: I am the proud father of two incredible teenage daughters, one of whom has autism, ADHD, and dyslexia. I[...] Read More

PaCC Round Up June 2023

PaCC Round Up June 2023 Welcome to PaCC’s June round up. Last week, the outcome report following Brighton & Hove’s Local Area SEND inspection by OFSTED and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) was released. We want to communicate with you here the shock we felt on reading the report, which lacks detail and omits many[...] Read More

PaCC Awards Winners

PaCC Awards 2022 – a way to celebrate people and organisations who have supported SEND families in 2022 Every year, PaCC gather Brighton & Hove SEND communities to thank, celebrate and recognise some of the people and organisations who went that extra mile to be there for you, as a parent carer, and for your[...] Read More

The Ofsted Visit: A Personal Reflection

The Ofsted visit: a personal reflection This personal response to the recent Ofsted visit comes from Pippa Hodge, PaCC Rep for Home to School Transport, and is a 5 minute read: Hello, I’m Pippa Hodge, and some of you will know me as I’m the PaCC Rep for Home to School Transport. I’m also the[...] Read More

Learning disability consultation outcomes

Learning disability consultation outcomes As part of the Adult Learning Disability Strategy, Brighton & Hove City Council asked PaCC, The Carer’s Centre, and Speak Out to carry out a survey collecting information from families, individuals and carers. The aim of the survey was to investigate how activities, services and opportunities for training, voluntary work and[...] Read More

PaCC Profile: Stef Fallows

Introducing PaCC’s new Parent Carer Forum Support Worker Name: Stef Fallows Role within PaCC: I am the Parent Carer Forum (PCF) Support Worker for both PaCC and East Sussex Parent Carer Forum (ESPCF). My role is to support both forums with their back-office functions to enable a streamlined approach to data storage and reporting amongst[...] Read More

Inclusion Charter

Inclusion Charter for Brighton & Hove – what does inclusion in schools look like for you and your child? For the last year, Brighton & Hove City Council have been working on the creation of a Brighton & Hove Inclusion Charter for schools. This includes a focus on children and young people who have special[...] Read More

Transitions Workshop

Transitions Workshop On Wednesday 10 May, PaCC organised a parent carer online SEND family education workshop around transition – across the whole age range of education. The workshop focused on what we mean by transition across different ages, what does it mean for vulnerable groups and what good practice looks like.  The workshop was facilitated[...] Read More

Brighton & Hove Local Area SEND Inspection March 2023

Brighton & Hove local area SEND inspection March 2023 Updates from PaCC to the parent carer community about the local area SEND inspection: PaCC response to the outcome report Ofsted outcome final report  Pre-outcome letter update PaCC want to share with you information we sent to the inspectors during the inspection. The presentation contains parent[...] Read More

PaCC Round Up March 2023

PaCC Round Up – March 2023  Welcome to PaCC’s first update of the year.  PaCC continue to represent our members, ensuring that your feedback and experiences are central to all that we do. This includes working in co-production with services, providing challenge when needed and sharing examples of good practice. The work we do is[...] Read More

PaCConnects on the Brighton & Hove Home to School Transport service

PaCConnects on the Brighton & Hove Home to School Transport service A few weeks ago PaCC held two PaCConnect events to look at Home to School Transport for children with special needs attending schools and colleges in the city.  A PaCConnect is a meeting to discuss issues of interest and/or concern to parent-carers.  Such meetings[...] Read More

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