Neurodevelopmental Pathway

Neurodevelopmental Pathway: PaCC update

PaCC continue to attend meetings around the neurodevelopmental pathway, both at a Brighton & Hove and a Sussex wide level. Recently, the Sussex wide meetings have been focusing on reducing the waiting times for autism and ADHD assessments and the prescribing of ADHD medication, including shared care agreements between GPs and psychiatrists. We attend these meetings with East and West Parent Carer Forums. PaCC know that both of these areas are impacting hugely on families so we are pleased that this work is happening.  

Alongside PaCC partner group mASCot, and East and West Parent Carer forums, PaCC are working with Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) across Sussex to design new information for their websites around neurodiversity. 

PaCC also attends the Neurodevelopmental Pathways Action Group, which oversees work relating to autism, ADHD and Tics and Tourette syndrome in Brighton & Hove. And finally, we meet regularly with the Amaze NDP Family Training and Navigation Service, ensuring that the feedback we receive from parent carers helps to inform the service of the training and workshops that they run. 

PaCC have recently finished writing a report following the PaCC Connect on the neurodevelopmental pathway and a survey that was released at the same time. I am pleased to be able to share the report with you. As well as highlighting the difficulties and distress families are experiencing because of the long waiting lists within health services, the report also reflects the difficulties and distress children and young people are experiencing with their education too. PaCC looks forward to working in co-production with services around the recommendations made in the report.  

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