Nominations for the PaCC Awards 2022!

Happy 2023 to everyone! We hope this year is going to be better than the previous one …

At PaCC we will listen to you and make sure that your experience, views and suggestions are taken to the different Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) meetings that our Reps attend so that your voice is heard and taken into account when services are planned, delivered and reviewed.

PaCC also wants to acknowledge the work that so many people and organisations do in Brighton and Hove, and to do that, every year we organise the PaCC Awards, a way to say thank you to that special person or organisation who did that little bit extra for your family during 2022.

PaCC Awards recognise the extra help from those people and organisations – what we like to call ‘champions’ – and the positive impact they’ve had on your child, to you and to your whole family.

Do help us celebrate Brighton and Hove champions by using the form on our PaCC Awards page, where you can find out about previous years’ winners , the diverse range of work they do and also information on how we organise the PaCC Awards.

The annual event will take place sometime in March 2023, more information to follow.

Deadline for nominations is 10th March 2023

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